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Jewelry Etc.

Jewelry, Bookmarks, and Other handmade accessories created using vintage ephemera and other found and upcycled materials.

Jeweley Pictured is an example, of my work,not all pieces are current;y avaliable. Click Shop to see current pieces.

Upcycled Jewelry,
Bookmarks and More

My jewelry is created using all types of reclaimed materials, from 1950's wallpaper samples and 1920's magazine ads to recycled greeting cards. They are mounted in metal settings or recycled wood game and craft pieces. These materials make each item a unique work of art.

Custom Jewelry or

Do you have a box of old family postcards, wedding invitations or stamps sitting in a closet somewhere? Get them turned into unique pieces that can be enjoyed instead of stored away. 

You can also have a photo of a pet, important place or favorite flower turned into a hand painted piece of wearable art. Contact for details!

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